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★ 3 useful tools 🔧
★ 3 helpful tips & techniques 🎨
★ 3 thought-provoking ideas 🧠

3 useful tools

1) One of my favorite lesser-known websites to find transparent background imagery is Anyrgb. Seemingly endless options.

2) Type Studio lets you edit your videos by editing text. You read that right. "Type Studio transcribes your video into text. To cut or trim your video all you gotta do is select the part of the text you would like to cut and press the delete key."

3) Did I just find the smartest and most tasteful calculator around? Numbr is a currency, percentage, crypto, sum/total calculator combined with a notepad. You can use notes with numbers alongside each other. And all your numbers are instantly recalculated as you type.

3 useful tips & techniques

1) Many of you were interested in how I created this quick 30-second open book mockup in last week's email. Here's how (in Figma):

2) Here are 3 layout ideas for your next web design project (I used the same imagery, type, and color for all):




3) You can use lines (or interpuncts) to make a list of words more interesting, less jagged, and more readable (Shoutout to Monica Galvan for this idea).



3 ideas to think about

1) Data beats opinions.
2) If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book. —J K Rowling
3) A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days —Goethe

Shower thoughts

1) The acronym "ASAP" was created by someone who wanted to say "as soon as possible" as soon as possible.
2) In a pool, you hold your breath. On a pool floatie, your breath holds you.
3) Cows must be really happy their favourite food is all over the ground. Like walking on tacos.
Sourced from Reddit over the years

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