A little bit about me.

Visual designer, chemical engineer, content creator. Scroll to discover my trajectory.

6 years of design under my belt

My biggest breakthrough happened in 2016 when I founded my very own tech startup (wandure.com). I was finally able to apply my design skills to a big project. I gained a ton of confidence as a result

My proudest project

2016 - 2020 (Founder)

What is it?

Dating app that plans and books a first date for every match.

My role

Co-founder | CEO | Lead designer

What I did

Vision | Branding | Web & App Design | Growth | Capital | Management


150,000+ users in 10+ countries
• $500k+ raised
• 9 team members hired

I transform websites into pure delight

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I love SEO and social media strategy

Adept in 3D

Things i enjoy

Juggling - Active meditation. It's when I get a lot of my ideas.
Resistance training - I've been at it since 2012. Couldn't live without it.
Languages & travel - I'm proud to be able to speak 4 languages fluently.
Automotive design - A recent obsession of mine. Simply a fascinating space.

Reach out.

Got a question? Think we can work together? Simply want to say hello? It's all welcome.